Sunday, June 12, 2016

Organic and Natural Farming Techniques - Panchagavya

In modern Agriculture, application of chemical pesticide and fertilizers has damaged the quality of soil, water and crops over the years. To replenish the eco system, now we are going back to organic and natural farming techniques. A key ingredient of organic farming is “Panchagavya” which is not only used in the field of Agriculture, but also in the improvement of animal and human health.
Panchagavya means "five products from the cow". They are cow dung, cow's urine, milk, curd and ghee. By mixing all these ingredients in equal proportion and allowing the mixture to ferment we get Panchagavya.
Benefits of Panchgavya
In plants panchagavya promotes growth, yield and immunity and acts as organic pesticide.
In humans panchagavya has been reported to heal wounds, increase appetite, as a cure for white patches and psoriasis.

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