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I’m still waiting to hear about the “CO2 footprint” of a war

One would have to be a fool not to have an environmental conscience.

But please realize CO2 emissions and pollution are not the same thing. Sometimes they correlate, but mostly they do not (the best example being nuclear fission).

CO2 is not toxic, or even a pollutant. It is a greenhouse gas, which may or may not warm the Earth, which may or may not change the weather, which may or may not be a bad thing. Even if the sun is not ever factored in as a variable of climate models.

Since the word pollution was hijacked, it is best to use surface pollution. Heavy metals and other carcinogens in aquifers, lakes, rivers and oceans; vaccines, antibiotics, and hormones in cattle; phytosanitary products in agriculture; radiological waste; oil spills; ubiquitous endocrine disruptors, etc. That is pollution.

Strangely enough, CO2 emissions and real (surface) pollution are conflated, so that the latter is barely ever mentioned anymore (and when it is, it is confused with the former).

The Earth doesn't give a shit about "climate change", CO2, or even pollution. It's been here 5 billion years, and will stay another few billions; it was once covered in methane; it was repeatedly hit by very large asteroids (which presumably is bad for the climate).

The importance of "the environment" is that we (humans) need it (and biodiversity) to survive and thrive; therefore any ecological argument that removes human from the equation, and implies we need to do anything "for the planet", is delusional at best, disingenuous at worst.

I’ll start paying attention to “climate change” once we’ve solved the terrible problem of surface pollution. It will thoroughly poison us before we are submerged by the ocean.

I’m also still waiting to hear about the “CO2 footprint” of a war.

Here is another confusion that is purposefully sustained: industrial farming and meat consumption.

There is virtue in the traditional farm and the natural cycle it involves: the animals’ excrement being used to enrich the soil and feed the plants. If there are no animals, chemicals become necessary; and monoculture, pesticides, etc. completely destroy the soil’s microbiology.

Factory farming, agro-corporations, etc. are a horror. They wouldn’t exist in a free society, and would disappear if we abolished the plethoric State.

It is not a bad thing to feel empathy for animals, especially given the level of cruelty they are currently subject to. However wild animals do not die of old age surrounded by friends & family. Well cared-for domesticated (farm) animals are given the opportunity of life because we eat them. Even if that life ends abruptly, it’s still better (from their perspective) than not being born.

As often we are dealing with a Hegelian dialectic and situation. The synthesis is poisonous agro-business. Antithesis is radical veganism. Synthesis is about convincing people to rely on insects as protein source. It’s the “food of the future”.

Their goal is international collectivism. The only real alternative is individual liberty.

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