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Mesopotamia pantheon for Smite

when i first play smite i was always asking for Mesopotamia pantheon over and over again but to this year we still not get it i don't what make hi_rez not add it maybe saving it for big event i mean the are the first of the gods the oldest and the most powerful ones they should have been their when the game was release there many cool and very unique gods and goddess myth creatures and demons and heroes guys all i'm asking for is to higher our voices to make it happen just like horus and set if that's not to much to ask and also tell me who do you wish to see from the pantheon here's the gods and goddess and some demons and myth creatures

ANU: god of heaven , king of the gods ,the allfather of the Anunnaki , stars , universe ,sky

Ki: wife of Anu , mother of earth ,goddess of earth and life ,queen of the gods ,healing , fertility

ENKI\EA: king of gods in akkad god of water , knowledge (gestú), mischief, crafts (gašam), and creation (nudimmud) , seas,lakes,rivers,life ,earth,civilization

ENLIL: king of the gods in sumer, god of wind, air, earth, and storms ,thunders, lighting,earth ,sky

Marduk: king of the gods of babylon, god of thunder,lighting,justice , truth, death,war ,magic, wisdom, knowledge,sun,moon,fire,destiny , fate,city ,earth ,sky,heaven , judgement ,the allfather , he's just like odin and zeus but very higher place and rank and power

Ashur: king of the gods of assyria, god of war, divine justice, truth,heaven ,earth , protraction, sun, stars , death, victory

Nanna'Sin: god of moon, stars , night,darkness,shadows,justice , fate, truth,wisdom,knowledge

Shamash'Utu: god of sun, justice, morality, and truth ,fire,light,wisdom,underworld judge

Inanna'Ishtar: goddess of love, sensuality, fertility, procreation, war , beauty, sex, desire, justice, morning , evening star, Venus , political power ,queen of heaven

Dumuzid /Tammuz: god of shepherds ,farmers,fertility ,agricultural,spring,summer,sun heat, growth of plants, vegetation , resurrection

Ereshkigal : goddess of the underworld,death,souls,judgement , magic,night,darkness,dead's

Ninurta/ Ninĝirsu : champion of the gods,god of war, thunder, storms , farmers , fertility, agricultural , battles,warriors,rage and anger, power and strength ,warriors,victory

Nergal/Irra: god of fevers, plagues, war,death,underworld, forest fires ,fire,fight,violence,bloodshed,destruction,evil

Nabu: god of scribes , writing ,wisdom, Messages ,mercury, agriculture ,magic, writing , reading, knowledge

Abzu: primordial god of personification of the subterranean primeval waters,abyss , lakes,rivers ,seas,fresh waters, creation ,cosmos

Tiamat: primordial goddess of chaos,salt waters,abyss, dragons,monsters,water,seas,lakes,rivers, creation ,cosmos, poison

Geshtinanna : goddess of agriculture, scribes,wisdom,minor deity of the underworld is scribes the names of the dead's

Gula: goddess of healing ,divine patroness of doctors and medicine-workers,medicine , dogs, health, vegetation

Ishkur' Adad: god of storms , rain ,weather, thudner, lighting,fertility,war

Nanshe: goddess of dreams , divination , poor's , orphan's, water,lakes social justice, prophecy, fertility ,fishing, animals , wisdom, protection , guide, resurrection

Ningal : goddess of the moon,night,darkness,wisdom

Ningishzida : god of the good tree, underworld , protection,keeper of the heaven , healing , Messages,guide

Nisaba: goddess of grain and agriculture, writing, accounting, and scribal knowledge , wisdom

Zakar: god of dreams , visions , prophecy ,Messages

Namtar: god of death,underworld , plagues,fevers,dead's, illnesses, pests , diseases ,fate, minister and messenger of An, Ereshkigal, Nergal

Hanbi/Hanpa: god of evil, god of all evil forces , darkness,shadow,demon's,father of pazuzu and humbaba

Pazuzu: demon god of the wind, southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought, terror,plagues,fevers,dead's, illnesses, pests , diseases,protection

Humbab: the guardian of the Cedar Forest, animals,forest,woods,strength,terror,horror

Lamashtu: demon goddess of evil,night, blood,demon's,donkey's, malevolent ,nightmare's, disease, sickness,death, infesting rivers and lakes , famine

there are many others but i will talk about them later so what is your wish list and please vote for it thanks

Submitted May 22, 2019 at 06:26AM by Hussain654321
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