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The world is a domino

So following on from this video here (I recommend you give it a watch even though it isn't necessary for this post) which is a South African youtuber I follow explaining how violence enveloped much of Africa following the collapse of colonial powers, I would like the put forward my theory as to what will cause The Happening.

So prior to Rhodesia becoming Zimbabwe, it supplied much of the food to southern Africa.

Nowadays, zimbabweans are starving, and all their neighbours are starving, with the exception of South Africa, the only country in the region which is supporting the others agriculturally.

Now, as the video says and I think is very likely, South Africa will probably go the way of its neighbours, in that it will be consumed by war as the ex-terrorist ruling party tries to maintain power.

South africa has a population over 50 million, many of whom arent ethnically South African. so we can assume that should there be significant civil war, many of them will lee to neighbouring countries (already unable to support themselves with regards to food). After that, the now-starving south africans (with their strained agriculture destroyed by even a single missed harvest) will begin to flee, not to mention that most of their surviving farmers have already fled or will leave after conflict breaks out.

It will take only a couple of million migrants (from a country of 52 million, compare that to syria which has lost even more form a population of less than 20 million) to collapse the surrounding countries even further, with or without food aid from south africa. when this happened in previous decades, people always fled south. South Africa is the tip of the continent so people will have to turn around and head north.

The whole of southern africa, 100 million people will now be starving, and millions will move north. This collapse will continue, like like dominos, through the whole of africa until all 1,2 billion of us are starving and victims to circumstance. The resulting drop in international food aid resulting from a desperate attempt to repair africa will lead to further collapses and resulting dominoes in other parts of the world (south america and central/east asia).

For scale, the current "refugee crisis" in europe is only 5 million migrants total over around 10 years, and already that is straining the fabric of society and the finances of western europe.

Western europe, of 400 million people, now has 1,200 million starving, desperate people, seeking entry.

Being optimistic(pessimistic?) and accounting for death and lack of ability/capability, this still leaves nearly 200 million people (40 times what caused the "refugee crisis" in a fraction of the time) trying to gain access to western europe.

Once it reaches proportions like that, there is no doubt in my mind that society is ******

QUICK EDIT: just in case it wasn't clear, the linked video also clarifies how conflict/collapse is also coming to South Africa

Submitted May 21, 2019 at 11:19PM by maccyJ123
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